Derick Brouhard

Derick Brouhard was born January 9, 1986 in a small town in Nebraska; and shortly afterwards, moved to the Dallas area. Living in Grand Prairie most of his childhood life, Bro. Derick and his family were not active or involved in any church. In addition, Bro. Derick’s childhood was certainly challenging; and at the age of 13, he moved in with his Grandparents to avoid the influnces of  living in an alchol lead home. 

During Bro. Derick’s senior year, he was invited and introduced to church by his then girlfriend, Donna Ricketts. When Bro. Derick was 18, Donna gave him a Bible and expressed her concern for Bro. Derick’s salvation. On December 26, 2004, Bro. Derick trusted on Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Saviour! And in 2005, the then Donna Ricketts, became Donna Brouhard!  

In August of 2005, Bro. Derick enlisted in the United States Navy, where he served for 5 years aboard the USS John C. Stennis CVN 74. During his time in the Navy, he and Ms. Donna had two daughters, Cameron and Reese. After his service in the military, they returned home to Grand Prairie and he became a member of the Dallas Fire Department. Ms. Donna and Bro. Derick were blessed with three more children; their son Beckett and two daughters, Nolan and Pierson.  

Bro. Derick and his wife became active members at Trinity Baptist Church, and in 2011, Bro. Derick and Mrs. Donna were asked to lead the children’s ministry at Trinity. It was during this time that the Lord began to work in Bro. Derick’s heart about surrendering his life to the Gospel ministry. In 2012, after much prayer and the leading of the Lord, Bro. Derick was committed to the call, and began his practical ministry training while being mentored by, Bro. Tommy O’Dell.  

After the passing of Bro. Tommy O’Dell, Bro. Derick struggled with losing his Pastor, friend, and mentor; but through the transition, the Lord continued to lead Bro. Derick in his calling. And while under the leadership and mentoring of Pastor Steven Giordano, the Lord provided clear direction to Bro. Derick and his call to be a Youth Pastor! Bro. Derick is currently getting his Bible education through Heartland Baptist Bible College, and leads our Teen Ministry (TRUTH). 



“Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.” Ephesians 5:17