Pastor Giordano



Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church

Steven Anthony Giordano was born in Van Nuys, California. His early childhood included a move to Las Cruces, New Mexico, in 1978, followed by a move to Albuquerque, NM, in 1984. Following his high school graduation, Steven left Albuquerque, NM to serve his country in the United States Army.

Early in his military service, Steven endured a rigorous selection and qualification process in an effort to serve in a special operation, Airborne Ranger unit at the JRTC. Upon his successful completion, he was selected and served as a team member in “Company D,” 105th M.I. Bn., Long Range Surveillance Detachment (L.R.S.D.)

Steven served in this elite special operations unit for his entire military service and was Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Army in August 1992.

Steven had not been a part of any “religious denomination” or a member of any church during his military service. In fact, after so many bad experiences with “religion,” he became very cynical toward religion and church all together.

It was not until after his marriage in 1993, that Steven would begin to attend church services from “time-to-time” with his wife. During one of those rare moments that Steven attended church, he heard for the first time ever, a clear presentation of the Gospel!

That day, Steven understood why Jesus Christ suffered and died on the Cross at Calvary and, unquestionably, knew his need for the Saviour. On April 22, 2001, under great conviction Steven put his trust and faith in Jesus Christ alone to be his Saviour and he became a born again, saved believer!

In 2006, Steven and Amy, along with their twins – Caleb (son) and Alyssa (daughter) – moved to Rio Rancho, New Mexico and found their new church home and family at Mesa Baptist Church!

During a Sunday evening service on November 30, 2008, the Holy Spirit was leading and called Steven to surrender to the Gospel ministry as a Pastor. After meeting with Pastor Jeff Carr and praying diligently, Steven surrendered and said, “Yes!” to the Lord’s calling to be a Pastor on January 9th, 2009. Since that time, Steven has remained unwavering in his commitment and service to the Lord.

After faithfully serving under Pastor Carr in the ministry at Mesa Baptist Church, Steven and his family relocated to New Heights Baptist Church in Wylie, Texas in 2013.

In the summer of 2015, with the support of Pastor Steve Foster and the members of NHBC, Steven was encouraged to apply for the pastorate at Trinity Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, Texas. After much prayer and counsel, Steven applied for the pastorate on August 7, 2015, and was called to interview with the Pulpit Committee on November 21, 2015. Following the interview process, he was invited to preach at Trinity Baptist Church in view of a call on December 6th, 2015.

On December 9th, Trinity Baptist Church prayed diligently and conducted the vote. Steven received 98% of the church vote and was extended the call to become the new Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church. Steven accepted and started as the new pastor on Sunday, December 13th, 2015.

Pastor Steven Giordano’s ministry objectives are for God, and God alone to be glorified as he answers the Lord’s call to faithfully preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He seeks to teach the whole counsel of God without fear or compromise, to hold true to God’s perfect Word, to evangelize the lost, and to grow the Lord’s church through evangelism and discipleship.

It will not take you long after visiting Trinity Baptist Church to see Pastor Steven Giordano’s love for the Lord, His Word, His church, and his love for the members of TBC. Pastor Steven Giordano has a desire to equip the saints, to strengthen their faith, to cultivate spiritual maturity, and to prepare their hearts for the work of the ministry.

Sadly, on April 9th, 2022 at the age of 50, Amy Giordano was taken home to be with her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Married to Amy just shy of 29 years, Pastor Steven Giordano has remained faithful and committed to His calling to serve the Lord. He has remained unwavering in his dedication to the Lord’s church and to the Trinity Baptist Church Family!

He serves confidently with the peace and comfort of knowing that his wife is in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. He serves boldly through the love, support, and encouragement of his son and daughter, Caleb and Alyssa, who at 22 years old remain faithful in attending and serving the Lord through various ministries at Trinity Baptist Church.

Trinity Baptist Church loves our Pastor! He is truly a man seeking to serve God without fear or compromise! Come meet him!



“Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.” Isaiah 6:8